Although every case is treated individually, patterns do show in the treatment of certain pains and injuries. No doctor can predict exactly when a patient will get better. We use sound clinical judgment, scientific evidence, and case history to determine an estimated healing time.

Most patients do start out with a therapeutic treatment trial which will consist of 5-8 treatments over a two week period. This will allow the spinal corrections to take root and start the healing processes. Nerve irritation which has been harbored for years does not vanish over night. The patients are also given some home therapy to work on in order to maintain the corrective pressure.

After the treatment trial, a reevaluation is performed. From there, we reassess the injury and make an update to the schedule of care. We are always reevaluating your treatment plan.

If your current chiropractor at some other office is trying to get you to pre-pay, or commit your to a lengthy treatment plan with 20 or more treatments, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. We are happy to provide those second opinions and in most cases, we do that at minimal or no cost.