Sciatica treatment St George UT

Dr. Andrew White, St George UT pain management chiropractor, is an expert in treating sciatica

Sciatic pain is commonly felt in the low back, buttocks, with some mild radiation of pain into the legs. Most of the time, the shooting pain from sciatica does not extend below the knee, but in advanced or severe sciatica, it can go to the foot and toes. The pain is commonly dull and achy but can be sharp at times. Some patients have described it as a ‘burning poker stabbing them in the butt.’

Chiropractic is a very effective treatment for sciatica. Treatment for sciatica commonly includes muscle balancing, stretches, chiropractic adjustments to the lumbar spine and pelvis, and physiotherapy for inflammation reduction.

Work related sciatica can be caused by repetitive lifting, prolonged sitting, and poor fitting equipment.

Our office has been treating sciatica since 1995. Dr Andrew White has treatment protocols that have been honed to maximize healing and speed recovery.