St George Chiropractor

Dr. Andrew White has been successfully treating back pain since 1995. His St George chiropractic office is fully equipped with the latest, scientifically proven, technologies to aid your recovery and speed your healing.

Choosing the right chiropractor is as important as choosing the right mechanic for your car. Do you just open the yellow pages and pick one at random? Of course not, you do your home-work; ask around, read the blogs, see what interests the doctor has, what does he specialize in. Check out online review sites like, and Google Places. See the buttons below for reviews others have left about our clinic.

At the Innova Pain Clinic, we focus on pain syndromes and getting you out of pain fast. If you need a chiropractor to manage your allergies or gall bladder disease, then keep looking. If you need a chiropractor to fix your bad back, whiplash, or skeletal injury, then congratulations, you search is over.

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